Learn from the Pros on how to do it in K-12 schools

Projection technology continues to expand in functionality across society—used to provide exciting, engaging, and experiential experiences to individuals—whether it’s in the form of a visual floor show at a basketball game, an immersive art exhibit, or displaying safety signs throughout warehouses. These innovative uses have made their way into education institutions as well, often with students doing the design and creation of installations.

Want to know how to offer similar opportunities to your K-12 students? Watch this webinar to see how experts in projection mapping, digital signage and experiential learning spaces are working with K-12 STEM, theater, computer science and CTE teachers to bring this exciting movement to classrooms and buildings in their districts.

Key takeaways:

Learn how projectors can enhance your school—from experiential learning spaces to digital signage and set design.
Discover how the new applications can be tied to your current curricula.
Find ways to encourage and include students themselves in the installation and use of these emerging technologies.

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