Workshop: Exploring Microservices Through Industry Examples

Workshop: Exploring Microservices Through Industry Examples

Applications and websites are now an essential component of practically every company. They can draw in a wider audience and serve as a company’s online persona, after all. Experts even argue that a well-designed website or application can provide a business owner with the highest possible revenue and profit potential. Online companies are increasingly choosing the technology and developers for their initiatives with greater caution as a result.

In the field of technology, react technology is a fairly well-known term. In 2020, Event React JS became the second most favored web framework. You now know which technology to use for your upcoming project. It’s not simple to find a suitable developer who can fulfill your product’s requirements, nonetheless.

This blog can assist you in this situation as we have discussed important considerations for hiring React JS consultation services. But let’s quickly go over React JS’s introduction before we get started.

Things to Consider When Hiring React JS Consulting Services

An Overview of React JavaScript

An open-source JavaScript package called React JS is used to design user interfaces and address problems with webpages. The best use case for this technology is in single-page app development. Many of the biggest internet companies in the world today—Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and others—provide a shining illustration of why using React is advantageous for their projects. 

10,234 renowned businesses worldwide and 9,600,000+ live websites are presently utilizing this technology and reaping its benefits. React JS is the most popular framework, even if UIs may be created on numerous platforms. Out of the top 10,000 websites in the JS Library category, React JS is the sixth most demanding, per the BuiltWith analysis. 

But with multiple options, why do individuals accept React? Its many advantages—including its simplicity of usage, speed of rendering, convenience, ability to create user-friendly interfaces, and increased flexibility—make it the perfect option for many. With this framework, a very functional web application might be made. Thus, it can be a fantastic option for your future project.

However, at this time, it’s highly recommended to consider different aspects when hiring React JS consulting experts.

Things to Consider When Hiring React JS Consulting Experts

Seek the developer who has the below-listed necessary skills to meet the essential duties and perform result-oriented jobs. 

1. ECMAScript and JavaScript

The React JS developer you are hiring must know JS features, functions, and syntax with good experience in DOM manipulation, JavaScript scopes, event bubbling, and hoisting. Besides this, having a good understanding of EcmaScript is a bonus that will help create spontaneous React applications.

2. Tools for Building JavaScript

Employ front-end engineers with experience with Redux DevTools, Google Chrome, and several JS tools. They ought to understand how to make the most of the React framework and work with a variety of build tools, such as Webpack, NPM, Visual Studio Code, etc. In addition, they should know how to use JS Build tools to manage dependencies, optimize workflows, and install and handle packages. 

3. Various Technology

Hire a consultation expert who is proficient in some React JS-compatible technologies, such as the MERN stack. Additionally, handling server traffic, managing requests, and developing full-stack JavaScript apps require an understanding of the MERN Stack and the Express-React combination. 

4. Systems for Version Control

It is essential to work with a React JS consulting agency that has experience with VCSs such as Mercurial, SVN, Firebase, TFS, Git, etc. while managing or hosting a complex project. Employing developers with these abilities enables them to quickly reduce potential errors, compare old and new code, and enhance existing code.

5. Technical Proficiency

Technical proficiency in fields ranging from JSON to sophisticated HTML and HTML5, ESLint to Scsslint, is required of the React developer. They must be knowledgeable about the various fundamental React ideas, including classes, functional components, props, JSX, hooks, component lifecycle functions, and so forth.

6. Testing Frameworks and Instruments

Make sure the React JS consulting experts you hire are adept at using Tape, Jest, Chai, Sinon, Mocha, and other unit-testing frameworks and technologies. Along with having a solid understanding of end-to-end testing frameworks and tools like CucumberJS, Selenium, WebDriver work, NightwatchJS, and Puppeteer, developers need also know how to incorporate testing tools like Karma.

7. Basics of React and Style Techniques

Make sure you have questions for your consultation expert about Create React App and its features before employing a React developer. They need to be proficient in NextJS, Babel, JSX, and other technologies, and they need to be aware of Create React.

In addition, to style React components, they need to be knowledgeable in common CSS approaches including CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS, and SCSS), CSS-in-JS, JSS, and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and MaterialUI).

Factors to Consider While Hiring the React JS Consulting Experts

After you are aware of the necessary abilities of a React developer, you need to take into account a few more important elements to select the most suitable candidate. For further details, see the points mentioned below.

1. Define Basic Targets and Conditions

Establish the fundamental specifications and objectives of the projects you wish to hire a qualified React developer to do first. If you are clear about this, the hiring process will become a little less difficult. It will also assist you in determining whether your project needs the backing of an internal team or if outsourcing the work is sufficient.

2. Shortlist Developers

After you have a clear understanding of your project objectives, the following step is to review the resumes of potential React JS developers and choose the best candidate. Make a short list of the candidates who best fit the specifications of your project and can meet your desired outcomes.

3. Request portfolios

A developer’s portfolio allows you to quickly review the projects that he has completed successfully in the past. You can decide whether to hire the developers you’re interviewing for the job or explore another option by looking at their portfolio. Don’t forget to confirm that the portfolio is authentic.

4. Examine Technical Skills

Make sure you have evaluated a developer’s or company’s technical skill set before accepting them. It will enable you to determine whether they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to properly finish your assignment.

5. Go Over Your Project’s Needs

You may find out more about your React JS consulting agency or developer’s working style and how they will approach your project by talking about your project requirements with them during the interview process.

6. Examine and Contrast the Offers

Compare all of the bids and offers from the various developers or businesses you have spoken with. It will assist you in selecting the greatest option that not only matches your budget but also ensures that you will obtain the ideal outcome.

7. Responsive Engagement Models

Making sure a company or developer is adaptable enough to modify the engagement model to your business needs is another important consideration before choosing them. In addition, be sure to enquire about the methods or resources they employ to complete the entire development process. While some businesses concentrate on a single service, others provide full-stack services.


These days, React JS is one of the most widely used frameworks, and a lot of businesses and developers claim to be able to provide you with excellent services. With whom do you trust? You could find this blog useful in selecting the best React developer for your project. You can obtain a high-performance digital product by working with the right business.

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