Workshop: Exploring Microservices Through Industry Examples

Workshop: Exploring Microservices Through Industry Examples

Elevate Your Coding Game with Visual Studio Code 2024: What’s New and Essential Extensions

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, staying ahead with the latest tools and extensions is key to enhancing productivity and efficiency. Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a leader in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) space, continues to innovate, providing developers with powerful features and integrations. The 2024 updates to Visual Studio Code bring exciting improvements and new functionalities that cater to the needs of modern developers. Let’s dive into what’s new in Visual Studio Code 2024 and highlight some essential extensions that can further boost your productivity.

Visual Studio Code 2024 Updates

February 2024 Highlights

Visual Studio Code’s February update introduced several notable features that enhance the coding experience:

  • Terminal Improvements: New commands for managing terminal font size, including zooming in, out, and resetting, provide better visibility and comfort.
  • Source Control Enhancements: Features like displaying the repository or branch name in the window title, commit input validation improvements, and more manageable incoming/outgoing changes settings contribute to a smoother version control workflow.
  • Notebook Specific Settings: Notebook users can now enjoy specific indentation settings, improving readability and consistency in coding styles.
  • Debugging Advances: A new BreakpointMode in the Debug Adapter Protocol enhances native code debugging by allowing different ‘modes’ of breakpoints.
  • Remote Development: Updates include GitHub Copilot Chat suggestions for dev container configurations, streamlining the setup process for remote development environments [❞].

January 2024 Highlights

The January update focused on personalization, efficiency, and ease of use:

  • Notifications Management: New options to manage notifications from extensions and a feature to swap the left and right sides in the diff editor increase personalization and convenience.
  • CLI and Title Bar Customization: Improvements in the command-line interface and the ability to customize the title bar, including a new setting for enforcing system color themes, allow developers to tailor their workspace to their liking.
  • Workspace Management: Enhanced handling of untitled workspaces without confirmation simplifies project management [❞].

Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions for 2024

Extensions play a crucial role in maximizing the potential of VS Code. Here are some must-have extensions for 2024:


GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities within VS Code, offering insights directly in the editor. It’s particularly known for its blame annotations and interactive rebase editor, making version control more intuitive and informative [❞].

GitHub Copilot

Leveraging advanced AI, GitHub Copilot acts as your coding partner, suggesting code snippets and entire blocks. It’s an invaluable tool for speeding up development and learning new coding patterns [❞].


For those who work with multiple projects, Peacock allows you to color-code your workspaces. This simple visual cue can significantly enhance your workflow, reducing context-switching time [❞].


As an opinionated code formatter, Prettier ensures that your codebase follows a consistent style. It supports a wide array of languages and integrates seamlessly with VS Code’s "format on save" feature [❞].

Project Manager

Easily switch between projects with the Project Manager extension. It provides a sidebar for managing your projects, complete with tags for organization. This is ideal for developers juggling multiple projects at once [❞].

Live Share

Visual Studio Code Live Share facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing multiple developers to share and edit code simultaneously. Each participant can follow along with their cursor, making pair programming and code reviews more interactive and productive [❞].

Path Intellisense

Auto-complete file paths effortlessly with Path Intellisense. This tool minimizes errors by suggesting file and directory names as you type, streamlining the development process [❞].

The latest updates to Visual Studio Code, coupled with these essential extensions, offer a robust environment for developers seeking efficiency, customization, and powerful integrations. Whether you’re debugging, managing versions, or collaborating remotely, Visual Studio Code 2024 has something to enhance every aspect of your development workflow.

For more information on Visual Studio Code 2024 and its extensions, visit the official Visual Studio Code website and the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

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